About Me

Instead of only sharing my ideas with friends, I will be posting here so everyone can hopefully gain something.

I’m Kori Harrington and I am a blogger/musician/producer, I write for Musicians stuck in the garage without a clue how to take things to the next level, by teaching DIY methods I have learned over the years.

When I was a kid, all I could think about was playing guitar in a band. Imagining the crowds, the music videos and touring. It was deep-rooted within me and I have always had a an unquenchable thirst for music industry knowledge. I grew up in Texas and later relocated to California.  I struggled through my first years in the local scene because I was new and social media wasn’t quite available as a resource. I was pretty clueless, but had an unrivaled drive to “make it”. If only I could have gone back and taught this to myself, I could have been there so much faster. Instead, I have you to share some pointers with.